Welcome to our hotel

The Hotel Porta Faenza is centrally located, very close to the main railway station (Santa Maria Novella), to Palazzo dei Congressi (the Conference Centre) and to the Fortezza da Basso. The most interesting monuments and museums in Florence are near, within easy walking distance.

The Hotel will make you savour the warm atmosphere of the old-time Florentine houses: the tile floor, the exposed beams, the old tools scattered everywhere, together with all the comforts will make it your ideal home in the old Florence.

For being situated in a pedestrian precinct, the Hotel is a quiet and pleasant place, the ideal point of departure for you to discover Florence and its artistic and cultural life.

The old Palazzo Pegna was built in the eighteenth century by a Florentine family of merchants. It is situated in the old Via Faenza - a place where several arts and crafts met in the Middle Ages - and near Porta Faenza, the gate in the fifteenth-century city walls from which the Hotel gets its name. Palazzo Pegna was converted into a hotel in 1997, but still keeps up the warm atmosphere of the old Florentine houses.

Porta Faenza was part of the city walls and was situated at the end of what is up till now called Via Faenza. It has been so called not for being placed towards the town in Emilia, but from the name of the Nuns from Faenza, who had their convent in the neighbourhood once. Between 1534 and 1537 Porta Faenza was joined to the Fortezza da Basso without being demolished: by watching attentively you can still distinguish its squared profile in the central bastion towards the city or its arch from the inside of the fortress.